About us

NEXFLEX, professional FCCL production corporate, chases dreams
without settling for the present level
Such a pleasure to meet our customers who visit us on website.
  • The beginning of

    Founded on October 1, 2018, NEXFLEX has grown as a professional company specializing in manufacturing FCCL, a key material for the flexible printed circuit.
  • Professional & progressive

    SK Innovation's FCCL project, which has been steadily active in the FCCL business since 2009, has been launched as a new independent company with greater concentration and expertise, creating an opportunity and environment for the company to become a professional information material company in the future.
Capable of manufacturing double-sided casting type of FCCL, designing and manufacturing polyimide
As the only company in Korea with the skills for double-sided casting type of FCCL manufacturing, and design and manufacturing technology on polyimide, we will work hard with all members of NEXFLEX to offer FCCL-related services, that meet your needs and can be trustworthy and available at any time, by succeeding/developing the capabilities that have led the Enflex® business over the past years.
In addition, we will listen to your voice and will stick to our original attitude, and will make timely efforts and investment for NEXFLEX and your development to bring you the future products and technology.
NEXFLEX will do its best with you to make progress and move forward.

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